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Strategy is an ethic. Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by the wits of men. Fortunately, the same may be said of the creative business. Information and perspective are our virtues. Conformity is not an option.


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Design UI/UX

Upsurge Productions

C o N C e P T

Upsurge is a boutique events company that specialises in alternative rock concerts. It sought to refresh its website with a more vibrant design to portray the company's personality, to promote the concert experience, and to engage its fans before, during, and after gigs.

D E S i G n


The preloader is animated to resemble the rising action of the word 'upsurge'.


Upon hover, the selected navigation will vibrate in place, imparting a sense of excitement to the user.


The homepage is split into 3 columns. Attention is directed to the banner, which uses animated gifs from music videos of the bands that will be coming to play in Singapore. A Spotfiy plug-in is placed below the banner so users can listen to their music.


'Upsurge' refers to a rapid or abrupt rise. We visualised this by reinterpreting the artwork The Great Wave off Kanagawa as an illustrated gif.


The gallery page showcases photographs taken during gigs. We made the page more dynamic by adding excited anime lines to individual images when users hover on them.


Visualing an upsurge in brain activity, we drew an X-ray of a person with electrical surges going through his brain.


We designed the 404 page with a dose of witty commentary.

P E o P L e


Section collaborated with Edwin from Garage Interactive to develop the wordpress website.


Michelle (Undergrounderground) illustrated the website.

S E C t i O n

We are a digital creative agency that creates conversations, crafts experiences, and builds relationships with awesome clients.