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Sunday Folks

C o N C e P T

Sunday Folks is a new soft-serve dessert restaurant in Singapore. To differentiate its website from other cafes’, we decided to express the various highs and lows a person may go through from Monday to Sunday. We focus on the feelings, ambience and essence that Sunday Folks represents instead of its products.


Our drafts included introducing elements of the store into the backdrop of the website and labeling ingredients that went into the final product.


We created short stories weaving around each day of the week to complement the visuals in the website. Each day of the week expresses a different feeling, tells a different story, and ties back to Sunday Folks.


Singaporean filmmaker Jacky Lee is the director of the videos on Sunday Folks' website. We approached Jacky with storyboards for different scenes to be shot in the kitchen, and the end product is a beautiful cinematography using kitchen and ingredients.


We collaborated with Darren Ng (Sonicbrat), a Singapore-based sound artist and music composer, to create original music for the website. Darren saw the visuals, then created the music to flow with the visuals.

D E S i G n

Inspired by the japanese aesthetic principles and minimalism, we set out to explore different design layouts until we found the one that best displays the days of the week and subtly blends the video background with the daily story.


Text layouts, print layouts, menu-inspired layouts. Creating different combinations each time is like learning to make the perfect cup of coffee with a harmonious balance of flavours.


The website is an intimate diary of the cafe, capturing the essence of Sunday Folks from Monday to Sunday.

Elegant video scenes by TheBoyWhoCriedAction coupled with music from Sonic Brat express Sunday Folks digitally.


The calligraphic script of Sunday Folk’s logo was handwritten by The Letter J Supply. To make the website more personal, the map and preloader were also hand-drawn in a calligraphic style.


Road names were handwritten in a calligraphic style with the start and end of the words forming the curves of the roads.


The dates and days rotate like the flap display of a flip clock.


For users to fully experience the website, simple up and down arrows were utilised to travel between the days of the week. The arrow disappears when the user stops moving the cursor, thus reducing clutter on the minimal design.

S E C t i O n

We are a digital creative agency that creates conversations, crafts experiences, and builds relationships with awesome clients.