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Fortis Surgical Hospital: Make Love the Reason

P R o B L e M

With most colorectal cancer awareness campaigns targeted at the older generation, Fortis Surgical Hospital (FSH) wanted to reach out to Generation Y and to increase their digital following within the online community.

According to research, the best way to reach Generation Y was via digital marketing. However, most healthcare providers seemed to be slow in embracing this as an outreach platform.

Taking the road less travelled, FSH wanted to explore a social media approach to create awareness for colorectal cancer amongst Gen Y.

The Challenge

To create awareness for colorectal cancer amongst Gen Y on social media.

I N S i G H T

The market is saturated with messages about the harmful effects of not taking care of one’s health.

We realised that consumers do not want to hear about the negative impacts or consequences. Instead, a new approach would be to remind them of the intangible things that they would want to stay healthy for.

And the most powerful thing amongst these is

i D E A

So we created a Facebook app that allows users to pledge their love.

a promise to their loved one

Users were prompted to send a pledge to their loved one, that both of them would stay healthy for each other. Both their cover photo and profile photos were edited to include campaign badges to boost campaign awareness.

By doing this, it signified their commitment to guard against colorectal cancer - as a promise to their loved one (friend, family, classmate or significant other).

How we connected everything

As part of the convergence plan, we created interesting social content for the month, enriched with mini competitions centered around promoting preventive healthcare via “Make Love the Reason”, strategic Facebook ads, campaign microsite, and an email campaign.

R e S U L t

In a short span of one month, and only a small portion of money spent on media, we got Singaporeans engaged and talking about love and what it means. Fortis Surgical Hospital successfully achieved the marketing objectives of raising the awareness of the importance of prevention against colorectal cancer, both amongst Gen Y and the older generation.

S E C t i O n

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