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We are not mercenaries but for new mission (businesses), you may solicit aid from Corporal Hoe (Ryan) at:

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If you have an important piece of intel to reveal, a spy you wish to blow up or basically looking for trouble, you may contact us at


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Strategy is an ethic. Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by the wits of men. Fortunately, the same may be said of the creative business. Information and perspective are our virtues. Conformity is not an option.


Human / Project Management

Expect us to stick around from start to finish. As harbingers of progress, we support and usher your project to successful completion.


Business / Social

We are the co-custodians of your brand. Your business is our business. Realising your brand's potential gives us real satisfaction.



In the midst of chaos, we thrive on spontaneity. We plot and seize opportunities to invert perceptions with thoughtful conversations or stories.



To our multidisciplinary team, absorbing and upholding leading-edge practices is a passion. We accept no less than the most elegant resolution to any problem.

A space of freedom born of the appetite for creative experimentation and knowledge. Voyagers are welcome to chat, collaborate, or linger here for an evening or more.

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Design UI/UX


Facebook Ad Guide

B R i e F

We were asked to bring the Mobile Moves People printed ads guide to life in an interactive web experience, featuring the best creatives in the region in the following ad formats:

E X P E R i E N C e

We designed a streamlined system to make understanding Facebook ads as simple as possible, with focus on animation and the performance of the website.


From design to development, the site was conceived as a modular system. The design of each ad format was broken down into various components.


Like building with Lego bricks, every ad format is built using reusable components. This made creating 7 ad formats as easy as 1-2-3, by piecing required components together.


Seeing is believing. All 7 ad formats are animated so users can best see how they work. The best creatives from the region are featured to demo their full potential.

o P t I M i S E

Even though the page is built with future-proof technology, it needed to cater to some of the oldest browsers in the region. Optimising the site performance was a priority and challenge.


The animation of all 7 ad formats at the same time takes up tonnes of memory, so we carefully disabled the rendering of objects when they are not being viewed.


The fluctuating 20-30 fps (frames per second) was boosted to a constant 60 fps, among plenty of minor optimisations around the site.

S E C t i O n

We are a digital creative agency that creates conversations, crafts experiences, and builds relationships with awesome clients.