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Strategy is an ethic. Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by the wits of men. Fortunately, the same may be said of the creative business. Information and perspective are our virtues. Conformity is not an option.


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Expect us to stick around from start to finish. As harbingers of progress, we support and usher your project to successful completion.


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In the midst of chaos, we thrive on spontaneity. We plot and seize opportunities to invert perceptions with thoughtful conversations or stories.



To our multidisciplinary team, absorbing and upholding leading-edge practices is a passion. We accept no less than the most elegant resolution to any problem.

A space of freedom born of the appetite for creative experimentation and knowledge. Voyagers are welcome to chat, collaborate, or linger here for an evening or more.

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Eyezen Dawn of Digital Rage

B R i e F

Digital devices have taken over our lives, but we often forget they can harm our eyes. To position Eyezen lenses as essential for digital life, we exaggerated different situations to show how our eyes are exposed to harmful blue light.

t V C

We created a series of three 15 sec videos for maximum impact surrounding the concept of “Apps attack, protect your eyes”. We also leveraged the endorsement of Davika Hoorne, a Thai actress, to launch the first phase of the social campaign.

Relax scenario

Stream horror movies to chill, until the zombies turn real. Can Davika escape the blue light outbreak?

Work scenario

Working late on the computer is not worth a raging email inbox. Block the spam of blue light pronto.

Play scenario

Social media addicts, beware of too many posts. Filter out unwanted blue light from your feed.

S o C i A L

To maximise our video assets, they were broken down into gifs to be adapted for social media posts. Content was created for four pillars: Relax, Work, Play, and Niche. They position Eyezen as the choice eye care product against eyestrain and blue light.






S E C t i O n

We are a digital creative agency that creates conversations, crafts experiences, and builds relationships with awesome clients.