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Crizal – Beautiful Moments

a P P R o A C H

For the first time, Crizal wanted to market its lenses to local consumers directly, previously done via distribution channels. To help Crizal strike the right first impression, we delivered a digital-first integrated campaign that could leverage the endorsement of local celeb Elvin Ng for the most impact.


By taking a digital integrated approach in our production, we were able to support the TVC with unique social media and online content.

C o N T e N T

Our strategy focused on adding emotional appeal to a clinical product, maximising Elvin's influence, creating social engagement, and integrating TVC, POSM, digital banners, and the works. These built on an existing brand message of 'beautiful moments deserve the clearest vision'.


TVC showed Elvin enjoying a romantic moment in the kitchen to invite users to enjoy life's fleeting beautiful moments while they last by giving their eyes the most complete protection.


Q&A and candid moments with Elvin from the TVC shoot leveraged his popularity and could be adapted for social content.

Social strategy

Our 3-month campaign maximised Elvin's influence and revolved around 4 existing pillars: See better, Look better, Feel better, and Live better. We planned for 1 engagement post every 2 weeks with prizes to be won.

R e S U L t S

S E C t i O n

We are a digital creative agency that creates conversations, crafts experiences, and builds relationships with awesome clients.